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The Avanti Guitar Trio offers workshops and outreach performances that are tailored to each learning community.

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Guitar Encounter

The Avanti Guitar Trio presents interactive educational performances for school groups grades 1-5. Employing a 5ft. demonstration guitar and student-made box guitars, Avanti Guitar Trio members lead students on an exploration of music history, science of sound, and artistic communication.

  • Interactive activities include: rhythmic clapping, conducting games, percussion effects, and synchronized movements.

  • Duration: 1 class period 45-50 minutes

  • Age Level: Grades 1-3 or 3-5

  • Pre-workshop preparation: 1 or 2 class periods. Cardboard box guitar lesson plan and instructions are provided.

Guitar Ensemble Immersion

Join the Avanti Guitar Trio in rehearsal and performance. The Avanti Guitar Trio has arranged and composed repertoire appropriate for beginning through advanced guitar students. Modeled after the Day of Guitar Festival held annually at VanderCook College of Music and directed by Julie Goldberg, Guitar Ensemble Immersion provides an opportunity for students to rehearse and perform with the Avanti Guitar Trio.

  • Duration: 1- 2 hours of rehearsal, 1 performance with the Avanti Guitar Trio and Guitar Ensemble Immersion participants.

  • Age Level: Middle School–Adult Guitarists. Music will be chosen to fit the skill level of the participants.

  • Pre-event preparation: The Avanti Guitar Trio will provide printed music and sample recordings of the work to be performed. Students with the help of their teachers will practice their parts and play the music at tempo, prior to the rehearsals with the Avanti Trio.

Master Class/Ensemble Coaching

A Master Class is similar to a public lesson where student performers and audience members gain insight and information. Solo guitarists, guitar ensembles, and string or wind ensembles that include guitar are welcome to play. Accomplished teachers, Amy, Christopher, and Julie work with performers on technical, musical, and expressive elements to improve their level of performance.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours. 30-40 minutes per performing group

  • Pre-event preparation: Master Class participants must have their piece ready to play at performance level.

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