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Through a Radiant Light, Floating Away, mvt. 1,  Christopher Teves

Christopher composed this piece for AGT in 2022. This work is dedicated to our teacher and mentor, Clare Callahan, in celebration of her 50 year Anniversary Concert at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, and in gratitude for a lifetime of passion and commitment to countless students. The opening harmonics and interwinding melodies create a light and fanciful opening to this two movement work.

Through a Radiant Light Vivo, mvt. 2,  Christopher Teves

Vivo is a joyful celebration of music and flows seamlessly from the first movement of this work.  The driving rhythm and melodic interplay express the joy, happiness, and gratitude we all feel performing together.

Brazilliance,  Laurindo Almeida

Written by the great Brazilian guitarist and composer, Brazilliance is a staple of the classical guitar trio repertoire. 

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 8.20.05 AM.png

Misionera, Fernando Bustamente, arranged by Julie Goldberg

Argentinian composer F. Bustamente (1915-1979) originally composed Misionera for the piano.  The title refers to the region of Latin America that extends between Paraguay and Brazil. Since its earliest performances Misionera has been arranged for an array of solo and ensemble combinations.  This arrangement playfully exchanges the melody and harmonic material among the three guitars. 

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